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Essar | e-Compass for managers

Essar e-Compass is a self-paced e-learning course for managers, focusing on performance and talent management.


Essar needed an e-learning course to acquaint its employees with the importance of e-Compass, thus generating enhanced employee performance. It wanted to provide a comprehensive learning experience to its employees, so as to enhance employee engagement, productivity and success.


To fulfill ESSAR’s learning objectives we created a Flash based 'Level 2' course that accurately serves the company's purpose. The presentation of the content is done in such a way that, the learner's interest will stay unhampered throughout the course, consequently nurturing a more efficient workforce.
The course appropriately explains how to access and use e-Compass for the purpose of performance and talent management throughout the year. Learner was introduced to various objectives such as aligning individual’s performance goals to organizational business plan, creating a high performance culture etc. With the help of graphics, performance management cycle is detailed out. Towards the end of the course, assessment is designed to check the knowledge gained by learner.