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Edelweiss | Know Your Company

An induction program created for one of India’s leading financial services group.


Edelweiss needed to provide all new starters with a solid foundational knowledge of their company’s organisational strategies along with complete description of their company, from its history and values to it operating structure, so that they could quickly gain confidence during the first few weeks of their post. The course also needed to be interesting so that the main objectives are achieved along with the voluminous information to be conveyed in a concise manner.


We designed a comprehensive series of modules starting from the company's history to its structure, enterprise groups, etc., split into clear topic groups to enable quick access to the information, learners need the most at any given time. An interactive interface with informative videos and voice over was designed to make an easily navigable course which could give learners all the details about the company’s processes and work systems. The course also included a Glossary section and an Assessment to ensure that company’s objectives for making this course were actually achieved by the learners.