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Mahindra Rise | Values

An induction course for employees describing the aims and objectives of the organisation and to make them aware about the progress of the group at the national and international level.


The client wanted to have an online program introducing their brand ‘RISE’ to their employees. They aimed to declare to their employees about the positive movement, their organisation wanted to create in the world by being present globally. Their aim was to enlighten the employees about the positive change; they aspire to bring in through their global presence.


Zobble developed a multimedia course to meet the client requirements, introducing to their employees the three brand pillars of the company responsible for their success at the international level.
The entire course was categorised into three main modules describing the growth and development of organisation as well as factors and features that made it happen. Each module ends with a short quiz, which helps the learner to check his/her understanding about the topics learned. This e-learning course had a real life touch making the course very engaging and at the same time helped the learner to relate to it with day-to-day situations at their workplace. Graphic treatment and actual video clippings and photographs used in the course supported with the factual content enabled the learner to learn about the minute yet significant details with ease and accuracy