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ICICI Pru | Induction

An attractive e-learning course to brief the employee about the company through an adventurous story.


The client, ICICI Prudential, wanted its employees, existing and new, to have a certain basic knowledge level about the company’s objectives, goals, activities and organisational structure. The employees were competent in their respective functions, but would do better with a holistic view of the company. At the same time, it was felt that employees could be wary about acquiring broad knowledge that might not be connected to the execution of their day-to-day tasks.


We designed a Flash-based, animated and interactive e-learning course to impart knowledge as unobtrusively as possible. This could be accomplished through a wrapper theme i.e., we would wrap the course content with an adventure storyline. The strategy was to make the learner enjoy the adventure, with the learning process happening in the course of the adventure. Thus, the course was designed to help ICICI Prudential ensure a basic organisational and business knowledge benchmark for its employees, which would increase their resonance with the organisation.