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Club Mahindra | Make Every Moment Magical

A theme based induction course to brief all the employees of Club Mahindra about the credo and values of the organization.


The client wanted to have an online program introducing the core values of their organisation to all their employees. They aimed to enlighten their employees about the credo of the organisation and the values that it wished its employees to abide by.


We created an adventure-based learning theme for the project with interactive audio-visuals. The content was presented to the learners in the form of a virtual tour guided by a companion accompanying the learner throughout the journey. The course makes the learning happen through a virtual trip that the learner embarks on. Throughout the journey, the user comes across such scenarios which help him/ her define the values that he/ she, as an employee, is expected to imbibe. Animated characters and pictorial illustrations support the content to make the course fun filled. The course enabled the learner understand how to put the values in action i.e. how to apply his/her learning in dealing with the customers.