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CEDPA | Myths to HIV & AIDS

A social self-awareness course to clear mass misconceptions regarding HIV and AIDS.


CEDPA required an eLearning course that can spread awareness and give knowledge about HIV and AIDS in a subtle way. They needed the course to cover both social and scientific understanding of the critical subject. AIDS and HIV are certain diseases that have acquired a negative image in the society which has made it extremely difficult for anyone to openly discuss and acquire important information on the subject. The purpose of the content was to summarize and elaborate crucial information of the said subject in an interactive way to avoid any awkwardness or unnecessary discomfort in the learning environment.


To fulfill the clients objectives we developed an integrated course with animated videos and both female and male mascot that drive the course in an interactive way. The approach to the subject was kept systematic and simple to ensure maximum knowledge retention. Both AIDS and HIV were explained side by side to clear the massive misconception most people have about them. Short quizzes are held throughout the course to keep the learner engaged. The course covered all the important topics such as symptoms, causes, risky behavior, testing, etc.. This course was extremely helpful for CEDPA, by being a one stop solution for their wide spectrum need.