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Azim Premji Foundation | Value of Place

A digital learning programme customized for children in rural areas.


A NGO, Azim Premji Foundation, sought to collaborate with an external e-learning specialist to develop digital learning programs for children in rural areas. They wish to provide training which is effective and efficient which allows the learners to gain knowledge in the subject. They needed custom content which could help their purpose while understanding the needs and grasp of the target audience.


We made a detailed review of the client’s objectives and requirements for the course and prepared appropriate and comprehensive solutions. We designed an interactive and engaging program consisting of self-paced modules that are central to the function of instructing. We thus converted the client’s concepts into an engaging digital learning resource (DLR) complete with animations and flash movies, which make the process of learning seemingly incidental to the excitement experienced by the child-learner. The client conceived four learning strategies which were combined to form the macro strategy for the course. The key aspects of child psychology and analysis provided by the client were kept in consideration to make learning techniques implemented in the course as effective as possible.