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HDFC | Basics @ Workplace

This HDFC Life course is the ultimate solution for a workplace at its best functionality.


HDFC Life wanted to introduce its learner's to the basics at Workplace hoping for a better environment at work and a better employee performance. Their ultimate goal was promoting a well-organized, de-cluttered learning material that is beneficial for the customers, employees as well as the organization.


We produced a 'Level 3' course, created on HTML that served HDFC Life's purpose. The course was split into nine modules to be covered up in ninety minutes with a mascot guiding the learner throughout. This self-paced e-learning course aimed at introducing the learner to everything from the advantages of practicing Basics@Workplace to recognizing the areas in which it is applied at HDFC Life. To add to the fun element, Mr. Do It Right, the mascot of the course guides through the course enthusiastically. The learner could effectively relate to the course as the situations designed in the course are likely to take place in any workplace environment.