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HUL | Supply Chain - Dispatch

An e-Learning course to simplify the complex supply chain process at HUL.


Hindustan Unilever had a complex supply chain process which needed to elaborated into a simpler format for its employees. They needed to simplify as while covering each and every aspect of processes under Dispatch. The content had to be balanced between interactivity and technicality. The numerous branches and micro processes were posing an obstacle to the course of this subject. HUL needed an innovative e-learning product to solve this problem.


We took a very different approach for this course. The process being complex, we used graphical assets to differentiate each important . To raise the interactivity level we created a scenario relevant to their organisation and turned the whole learning process into a learning journey. A mascot was also implemented within the course to guide the learners and provide them a deep insight of the subject. It was an intersting level 3 course, and we customised it perfectly keeping in mind the requirements produced by the client.