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Chase | Credit card life cycle

A course to chalk out the entire life cycle of a credit card.


American based financial services organisation , Chase, was in requirement for a generic e-learning course on credit card, but customized as per their product. The key components of the whole process, from the very start to the end of a credit card was to be segregated to simplify the complexity of the subject. Simple elaboration of each section of the credit card life cycle was also required which the learner can access at will.


To provide for this requirement we created an e-learning course with a very simplified flow. The architecture of the course structure was made in such a way, that the learner could access any section from anywhere within the course. This enabled free flow of the process knowledge. The course was stacked with attractive and explanatory visuals to enhance learner engagement. Scenarios very placed with the course to explain various situations the learner might have to face within the process.