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Kalpataru | Performance Review

'Level 2' flash based course which aims at comprehending the company's process of Performance Review of an employee at the end of every financial year.


The client wanted an e-learning course for their employees that provided an understanding of the procedure of Performance Review followed in their organisation, annually. They aimed to motivate their employees by discussing company's annual accomplishments and employee's progress in his/her performance throughout the year. They needed concise content so the learning happens smoothly with learner's proper attention to detail.


We developed a 'Level 2' flash based course to meet the needs of the client by keeping Kalpataru's vision in mind. This course would focus on how an employee can understand the company's policy and procedures about their Performance Review based on the progress made by the company as well as the employee. The course was segmented into 7 modules explaining the process of Performance Review. The content of this course was based on the objectives of the performance review as well as the procedure of Performance Discussion between an employee and his/her manager. It was presented with animated scenarios along with Check Your Knowledge sections that make the course interesting and allows the learner to actively participate in the course.