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ING Life | AML & KYC

A user friendly course on AML & KYC.


Exide Life was looking for an innovative course to make their employees aware about AML i.e. anti-money laundering and help them understand the policies of KYC i.e. Know Your Customers. Their aim was to train employees to work against anti-money laundering by detecting it and preventing it. They also needed scenarios depicting how Anti-Money Laundering can take place in the insurance domain, and how following the Know Your Customer policy can help to detect and prevent such malpractices.


We provided a solution by developing a user-friendly audio course giving out the important steps and measures needed for prevention of anti-money laundering. The course begins with a scenario helping the learner to understand what AML or anti-money laundering is. The learner is made to understand the need of knowing their customers and their financial dealings prior to making a deal. A lot of graphical illustrations have been used for learning to make it interesting. The use of animated scenarios helped the learner, understand compliance of anti-money laundering norms like KYC, AML programme etc.
The client and the learners found our attempt of creating awareness very promising and educative.