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Edelweiss | Whistle Blower Policy

A compliance course for training employees about the whistle blower policy.


Edelweiss wanted to create awareness among its employees in understanding what is Whistle Blowing and know the procedure for raising a concern in appropriate situations. They needed a highly explanatory course along with situational training to make a very complex subject easy to their learners.


To meet the above requirement of Edelweiss, we created a 'Level 3' interactive course which was situation based and mascot guided, so learning was made easier for the employees. Difficult concepts of whistle blowing were explained in an interesting way. Interactive knowledge checks helped the learner to evaluate his understanding throughout the course.
The course comprised of 7 modules which helped the learner understand the Whistle Blower Policy at Edelweiss, employees' responsibilities in the context of whistle blowing, and the procedure for raising a concern.