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Edelweiss | Prevention of Insider Trading Policy

A scenario driven course on compliance in context to Prevention of Insider Trading Policy.


Edelweiss wanted their employees to recognise the steps to be taken to ensure compliance with Edelweiss Prevention of Insider Trading Policy. They needed the direction of the course in such a way that all the key points are clearly highlighted and the employees are able to easily relate with the regulations being taught to them, as insider trading can be a critical subject when it comes to compliance.


To meet the above requirement of Edelweiss, Zobble Solutions created a highly interactive course in Flash. This self-paced 45 minutes course comprised of 8 modules which helped the learner understand the Prevention of Insider Trading Policy at Edelweiss, constitutes insider trading, how you can prevent Insider trading, the trading approval guidelines and the norms on leads managed by Edelweiss. Scenario based learning was implemented in the course so that the learner has a virtual experience of the situations he/ she might encounter in context to insider trading.
Interactive knowledge checks where also included to help the learner evaluate his understanding throughout the course.