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Mahindra Rise | Sankalp

An eLearning course extending the concept of SANKALP adapted by the company to meet the needs and expectations of their customers.


The client wanted an e-learning course for their employees that provided an understanding of how the sales should be approached with their customers. They aimed to motivate their employees to introduce SANKALP in their sales training which would not only increase their profits but also benefit the relationship between the company and its customers.


We developed a 'Level 2' flash based course to meet the needs of the client by keeping Mahindra's vision in mind. The graphics and the scenarios projected in the course maintained the learner's interest throughout the course besides providing more information about the content. The course is segmented into 6 modules establishing the brand Mahindra is today along with explaining the importance of customer's point of view to the employees and how their expectations can be met by learning and implementing SANKALP during their sales. The course also helped the employees to develop and maintain good and long-lasting relations with their customers.