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Mahindra | Economy of Sugarcane

Economy of Sugarcane is a quick course to get the detail about the Sugarcane Industry of India and its production worldwide.


The client wanted us to prepare a course to imbibe a thorough understanding of sugarcane industry, its trend, market and production and how the whole knowledge can help their employees and staff to conduct and undertake business in accordance with government policies and market trends. The learners should get an insight understanding about economy of sugarcane industry.


We prepared an e-learning course that gave quick yet handy knowledge of the sugar industry along with its trends and scope. The course was produced with a very interesting approach which enhanced learner engagement. Important government policies, trends, markets for sugar and sugarcane, value-chain process, input cost and revenue were effectively highlighted within the course. Regular knowledge checks and assessment on the whole course was implemented to help learner recollect important concepts