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Reliance Consumer Finance | SME Lending

A blended e-learning course on SME lending operations.


The course is designed for employees of reliance consumer finance to give a brief description of what Reliance Consumer Finance was looking forward to create course for their employees of the department dealing with SME lending to provide them knowledge about SME lending and its functions. The basic idea was to provide classroom training environment in the form of e-learning course but the most crucial point was that the training was provided by a renowned personality and it was difficult for the trainer to be present at all the places but the company wanted the trainer’s knowledge and guidance to be present whenever training took place.


We designed a program consisting of modules placed in defined order along with the client specification of including the trainer and the presentation to give the environment a classroom and personal training effect. The trainer’s speech and the e-learning course text were properly framed and care was taken that the screen and trainer speech are in sync. Important elements of SME Lending like- Doing business with SMEs, Credit proposal and underwriting, mastering PD skills were successfully encompassed into 4 days training course in the form of classroom training delivered by renowned trainer through the e-learning course.
This solution successfully provided for their requirements.