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Edelweiss | Investment banking

An advanced course on Investment Banking in compliance to the various guidelines given by SEBI.


The company wanted to acquaint their staff with the important aspects of Investment banking in order to successfully conduct the business efficiently. They needed a course that could help explain the framework of Merchant Banking Division with respect to SEBI regulations. Concepts such as Conflict of Interest, Confidentiality of Information, violation of code etc needed to be effectively highlighted.


Thus, Zobble Solutions came up with a detailed course for Edelweiss to make their employees familiar with various significant points of the industry in a most precise and convenient manner. Also, it informs about the various company guidelines and norms. The course was designed especially for the employees to aid them in undertaking of the work without violating any rules set by SEBI or similar bodies or company itself. It helped them to maintain and preserve relations with clients, government authorities and other related members.