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A challenge based learning program for BSLI’s customer service department.


Birla Sun Life Insurance Company wanted a short, attention-grabbing game-based learning module to reinforce the concepts of query, request, and complaint in its course audience - the Customer Service department at BSLI. The game/challenge had to cover the procedure for resolving customer issues regarding queries, requests, and complaints by testing the learner's proficiency in resolving any such issues for a customer.


For this requirement we created an e-learning course at the Application level of Bloom’s Taxonomy i.e. Level 3. It was developed as a game/challenge for Birla Sun Life Insurance Company's Customer Service employees. We crafted a time-bound interactive scenario-based challenge that assigned the learners points depending on his/her performance in the challenge. In the course of the challenge the learner reinforces the key steps in customer query / request / complaint resolution.
Challenge-based learning program heightened learners’ interest by the prospect of outscoring colleagues at the challenge.