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RCF | Customer Centricity

An out of the box e-learning course on customer centricity.


RCF wanted a course based on a Bollywood theme to educate their customer service employees about the importance of a customer centric focus. They were looking for a course that would enable the learner to learn, evolve and improve his customer centric skills in an engaging, user-friendly environment.


To meet the above requirement, we constructed an extremely innovative e-learning course with a never before seen approach.
The course was based on a Bollywood Theme and the message was transmitted through a talk show called 'Chai with Charan'. In this talk show, the host called Charan interviews some top stars and the makers of the film Sholay. The emphasis is on the making of the film Sholay and behind the scenes events which had customer centric focus that helped the movie to achieve the mega success. Throughout the module, the importance of Customer Centric Focus was highlighted with interactive scenarios, video streaming and knowledge checks. This innovative approach produced commendable results for the client.