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Capital First | Used Car Disbursal Process

A Course to systematically describe and train for used car loan processing and disbursal


Capital First wanted to train their employees for software systems used for loan processes at their bank. They also wanted to ensure the employees get to experience real-life like practice environment to understand the processes in detail. They required a module on ‘Used Car Loan Disbursal Process’ describing and helping employees get familiar with the following processes:

  • Login a case through SFDC

  • FTS file acknowledgement

  • Login a case in BPM

  • DA Generation at SDFC

  • Flow of case to FinnOne

  • Scanning and dispatching acknowledgement


As a result of the unique requirement, a highly interactive simulated Course with mascot-based approach was delivered. The mascot guides the learner through different processes via the ‘Show Me’ section. It is followed by the ‘Try Me’ section wherein the learner is given the opportunity to try first-hand their understanding of the processes. The Course covers all the meticulous details of the system processes for loan disbursal followed at Capital First Bank Ltd. It helps employees to have first time right approach while following the form-filling process in their central system.