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HDFC Bank | LAP Game

A Game to systematically describe and train for form filling process.


HDFC Bank was eagerly looking for an indulging training program for the employees under their 'Loan Against Property' segment with a view to help employees with the following processes:

  • Thorough understanding of customer profile

  • Detailed observation and capturing of information during customer-site visits

  • Face-off determination of customer qualification for the loan through probing skills

  • Attentive scrutiny of application forms and other customer documents

  • Mindful evaluation of customer's financials

  • Determining customer's eligible loan amount

  • Apt cross-selling of additional products to the client


As a result of the unique requirement, a highly interactive basket of 3 engaging games is delivered wherein the player acquires specific skills and meets a variety of customers with different backgrounds & requirements. The 3 games include:

Game 1: Mr. Eye for Detail
Here, the player is tested for the ability to capture the important observations. The player determines whether the customer qualifies for a LAP through probing in this section.

Game 2: Mr. Fill the Gap
Whether the player can identify and highlight the gaps in the value process is tested here. A simulated LAP application form is provided wherein the player has to observe 6 error types that the customers usually make.

Game 3: Mr. Advisor
Once the customer has qualified for the loan and all his documents have cleared the process, the player now needs to know how to arrive at the customer's financial eligibility and collateral worth. This is creatively covered in this part of the game. Throughout the game, real life-like scenarios have been built which gives the player a practice platform for form filling to recognise the skills required for his job. Continuous reinforcement of learning is also taken care of with iconic feedbacks and guidance from the mascot.