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Learning gets fun when you relate to what you learn. Engage yourself with our scenario and avatar driven approach presented in the most amusing way there can be!

Create the most enthralling e-learning experience via our scenario & avatar driven learning.

Eye catching scenarios will mesmerize the learner creating a very lively enjoyable ambience to ensure effective learning. The avatars and scenarios are custom made and designed keeping in mind the theme of the subject and the clients’ requirements. Simple yet engaging animations provide an uninterrupted flow of knowledge.

At Zobble even knowledge has a face and we make sure it is the one you like it to be!



Bringing the real world into e-learning immersing the learner into something they have or might encounter is an effective way to inflate learner engagement to great proportions. Scenario based learning has a very different approach and effect as it helps the learner to absorb knowledge involuntarily which is directly committed to his / her long term memory. It is clearly a learner centric way of knowledge.


Avatars are digital mentors that can be customized to your specifications to achieve your training objectives. Avatar based learning has the advantage of total control on learning guidance. Bringing life to learning Avatars give knowledge a face and voice of its own, enabling learning and teaching with a flawless sync. Digital beings that morph into anything you desire making learner and learning come together in an engaging experience.




  • Visual experience of real life situations
  • In depth understanding of situational responses
  • Flexibility to simulate the desired learning environment
  • Phenomenal increase in learner engagement


  • Relative learning via a digital face
  • Provides charismatic mentors for guided learning
  • Customizable personalities for any brand representation
  • Effectively express and regulate emotions to learner’s interaction