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Our game based learning is meticulously designed to balance subject matter with gameplay and e-learning. We develop e-learning games which help the user explore relevant aspect of games in a learning context designed as per our clients’ specifications. We incorporate learning with interesting games in order to add depth and perspective to the entire learning experience.

Our classic game-based learning applications are informative, easy to use, productive and absolutely not a burden on your wallets!


Gamification is integrating game elements into non-game applications in a creative way. Reviving the inner child, our game based learning can lure one’s imagination, boosting the user’s learning capabilities. Learning is no more a tedious task as our gamification approach makes it easy on your mind.

Gamification takes learning to a whole new level. Customized role playing games along with leaderboards, points, badges, competition, achievements and other features create a healthy competitive environment promoting inspired learning. These games are designed in such a way that they not only match our client’s requirements but also are easy on their pockets. To sum it up, it is real knowledge derived from a virtual experience.

Why Game based learning is the way to go!

  • Perfectly designed game structure to accurately achieve learning goals
  • Inbuilt architecture for applying problem-solving skills
  • Reaction to every action and input, providing real time feedback
  • Creative space to test applied knowledge
  • Virtual environment for to customise as per learning objectives
  • Learner engagement at its best
  • Develop the skills and strategic thinking required to perform under pressure, in various situations and tasks