"We don‘t stop playing because we grow old – we grow old because we stop playing"
- Oliver W. Holmes

Corporate training is compulsory, but ofcourse learning itself is purely a voluntary activity. What if we add some fun element along with a lot of serious learning to such trainings? It will not only spice up the training but also achieve the most important objective; Learning more easy and effective.

This is exactly what game based learning helps you achieve. And thats not all, such training games offer


Fantasy that invokes interest thus, increasing efficiency of learning


Curiosity that brings new information and non-deterministic outcomes
Challenges posed by the appropriate level of difficulty

At Zobble Solutions we understand that different corporate organizations have different training requirements. We try to push the creative boundaries to the horizon and try to come up with a very customized solution for every training requirement. With such a creative problem solving technique, backed up by a very high quality of graphic development team, we create solutions that will give an 'ah-ha' moment for the user with a ‘wow’ learning experience.

10 things that games have to offer learners:

Motivation that comes through good game play design and high levels of interaction.

Learner-centricity, unlike traditional e-learning which gives some control, largely menu choices, page turning and questions answering, games put the whole experience in your hands. Well designed games enable us to transform the learning process from a passive experience into an active learner driven experience.

Safe failure brought by immediate feedback. Feedbacks motivates and stimulates action, even when it is negative. The balance between risk and reward (feedback) is what makes games intuitive and reciprocal.  You must both win and lose.
There are several types of feedback:




Level completion
Overall progress

Lots of practice and reinforcement achieved by failing and getting put back to the start allows user not only learn quickly how to overcome failure, but also they get plenty of chances to reinforce their learning.

Lots of collaboration brought game sites that invariably have discussion groups, and users gamers engage in rich dialogue about the games, and related strategies and cheats.

Personalization brought by games that often allow the user to earn rewards and tailor their avatar, environment or experience. This starts to deliver a “user designed” experience as well as achieving yet further engagement.

Incremental learning achieved from games involving missions to be completed, zones to be conquered, and stages to be completed. On completion of a level, the game player also feels a real sense of achievement.

Contextualization; be it an airport, hospital or a medieval village, games tend to create a world in which the learning takes place. This can be useful in terms of encoding and recall.

Rich media mix that is achieved by the use of 3D avatars, environments, objects and audio, give games a real edge over other flat media. Furthermore, games get the users to do something with this media other than just “watch” it.

Creativity of the user is enhanced with new concepts that is incorporated in games enabling users to think out-of-box strategies to overcome challenges.

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