Customer Service
“Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game. Service wins the game.
  - Tony Alessandra
  Good customer service brings in more customers than promotions and price slashing ever do.  

It is a well documented fact that a customer with positive experience will tell 40% - 60% of the people he meets about that experience. Conversely, a customer with a negative experience will tell about it to almost 95% of the people he meets and will typically describe the event in detail. 
There is no simple way to calculate exactly how much revenue is actually lost by negative, ‘word-of-mouth’ advertising. However, on an average it costs 35% more money and efforts to attract new customers than it does to attract repeat customers.

  The Problem and the Solution  

How many sales professionals after going through training are prepared to face the customers and their challenges? Can you afford to lose customers and business just because your professionals did not have sufficient practice? The solution lies in three words, “Customer Service Simulator”.

  Simulated Learning Environment : Making mistakes simply means you are learning faster  

A simulation is a controlled computer-based learning environment that allows the participants to practice the procedures and most importantly make mistakes and learn from them by recreating life-like job situations. With simulations, you get an opportunity to practice your customer service skills. Practice might not necessarily make you perfect, but it will certainly help you improve and be much better prepared and perceived by your customer. You’ll notice that you make fewer mistakes as you feel more in control and familiar with your environment.

To put it objectively, an instructionally sound simulation:

  • Gives the customer service professional a preview of the transactions and procedures.
  • Prepares the learners to serve their real customers in an effective manner.
  • Allows learners to practice competencies.
  • Enables learners to make decisions and experience real-time consequences of their actions.
  • Engages learners through interactive participation.
  • Enables knowledge retention and successful knowledge transfer on their jobs.


Practicing in a simulated learning environment will considerably increase your customer service professional's turnover and performance.

Here are some screens from our Customer Service Simulator.
  The situations are based on real-life experiences, thus enabling the learner to relate and respond to them effectively.  
  Engaging interactivities help the customer service professionals to remember the correct sequence of procedures.  
  The knowledge checks enhance the cognitive skills of the learners. The questions relate to the learning tasks and answering the questions correctly enhances the retention and application value.  

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