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Over the course of the last decade, eLearning has evolved a lot with different requirements emerging out of diversified domains. This has led Zobble to provide you fully customised eLearning solutions with Flash and HTML- 5 technology.

Also, a lot of our efforts are put forth, focusing on the instructional designing aspect of learning and training. The content driving all these courses is built with the perfect balance between creativity and simplicity, surpassing any barriers in terms of language and user understanding.

The highly interactive layouts and rich graphics ensure learner engagement throughout the run-time and also strengthens post-training reinforcement.

It is absolutely fair to say that you get more than what you ask for at Zobble, that too with everything fitting your budgets just right!

Custom Elearning Levels

Our Range Of Levels To Suit Your Needs And Soothe Your Pockets
Comic Animation


Under this level, the courses are basic page turners, which are kept impactful and to the point with a balanced mix of graphics and content. Minimalistic scenarios and images are included along with static screens without compromising on learner engagement. These courses have a passive flow and are produced for the purpose of communicating simple concepts. The learner is constantly at the receiving end with minimum interactive responses.

Comic Animation level-2


The interactivity is taken a step further in level 2 courses. They can have thematic scenarios, animated graphics, clickable content, etc. to provide the user a partial control on the learning flow. Navigation of these courses may include helpful elements like glossaries and external resources. They are audio- enabled to make it more appealing for both visual and auditory style of learners. We craft these courses with a perfect blend of content and creativity.

Comic Animation level-3


Level 3 courses are loaded with scenarios, mascots, interactive assessments and lots more to create a wholesome experience as opposed to plain textual learning. These courses have a high level of customization to justify its complexity and hence provide more control to the learner. Perfect optimization of learning and development time is facilitated through these courses. This level is based on learner participation via dynamic activities like animated videos, custom flash animations, multimedia and engaging simulations.

Comic Animation level-4


This level is the pinnacle of instructional designing. It is a combination of wide span learning techniques, simulations and game theory to boost learner engagement far beyond its conventional limits. These courses provide real time learning with evolving digital avatars and mascots as they evoke sharp situational thinking in the learner. It comprises of everything that possess high level of interactivity from business simulations to game based learning. The interactivity is raised to a higher dimension with custom videos, game theory, complex simulation, involving content and lots more.