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We create a whole business environment you choose, with all the aspects, virtues and challenges of that business, so that you get a full experience of what the real thing would be like. Our customized business simulations can not only enhance business skills, but also provide a head start which can be the difference between failing and succeeding in the corporate world. We help induce confidence in with our interactive business simulations to ensure effective execution of strategies and the bilateral results so that productivity is ensured in your organization at reduced costs and minimal collateral damage. Effectively improve your management and strategic skills to new levels with our business simulations.


The Perks of Simulation

Improved knowledge retention
Real time illustration of theoretical business concepts
Increased engagement
Harness your decision making skills
Gives you a powerful tool to test the hands on skills and strategic thinking
Zero-Risk factor

The kinds of simulations we offer


Software simulation

Software simulation is basically a anytime anywhere teacher for inducing new software at your organisation. Adopting a new software can be a tedious task leaving you with the biggest question of where to start! Software simulation is the most convenient tool to save time, cut costs and effectively implement any new software at your organisation no matter how complicated it is. We create a whole “show me, try me, test me” type of e-learning simulations to ensure the users are well engaged and educated through constant interaction. Live feed backs and guidance allows the learner to experiment and adopt the software, and before the learner is through the simulation, he is already familiarized with all important aspects of it. Learning a new software has never been easier than this.

Process simulation

Business processes are the backbone of any organisation, and need to be executed with precision. Process simulation is the best way to implement and test any such processes to ensure zero collateral damage and effective follow through. Process simulation offers a unique flexibility that can be harnessed in progressive way for achieving your prime goals. Each and every element of a process can be defined and created in an interactive yet relevant style. Modeling a specific process provides you the ability to quantify and analyze the impact of failure and reveal better ways to carry out the same. It presents you with a better understanding of the process flow and leaves a wide space for improvisations and corrections to meet your needs.